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Noble M400 Exhaust System

£5,200.00 - £6,000.00
Noble M400 Exhaust System

If you want the best for your Noble, then look no further!

Featuring 321 Stainless Steel headers and downpipes (not 304 as that won’t cope as well with the intense heat), the rest of the system is made in Stainless 304 until we reach the 200 cell sports catalytic converter, from there onwards you can have the option of a full lightweight (and beautiful) Titanium system or stay with our high quality 304. All our systems come with de cat pipes and feature our own design 321 Stainless Steel V-band flanges, this makes swapping the cats/de cat pipes very easy.

We can offer a wide choice of exhaust tips to suits all styles! All the systems come with upgraded and reworked brackets as required, a modified oil drain for the rear turbo and up-rated Powerflex polyurethane exhaust mounts.

For the titanium system the total price is £6000 including cats and de cat pipes.
Stainless-Steel £4100 including cats and de cat pipes.
Both can be supplemented with Inconel 625 turbo headers/manifolds for an extra £800, this recommended for sustained high temperature competition or race conditions.

If you don’t require catalytic converters take £400 off the total price.
The prices quoted above are plus VAT and include fitting at our state of the art facility in North Wales, we highly recommend having the systems fitted here due to the unique nature of these great cars we feel it’s the best option.