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Lotus Esprit (Stevens) Turbo Manifold

Lotus Esprit (Stevens) Turbo Manifold

Beautiful and functional, our handmade equal length Esprit manifolds have been sold all over the world. They are made from 321 Stainless Steel and this ensures they are much less likely to crack like the old cast manifolds so often do. They are also a lot lighter than the original manifold.

With this manifold fitted, you can expect more power and increased driveability. The CNC collector we designed ensures both strength and excellent flow. Expertly TIG welded and fully back purged by our craftsmen in the Alunox state of the art facility in North Wales.

Average lead time is 2 weeks from order, contact us for Worldwide shipping costs. We can also supply a full exhaust system to complement the manifold. Price includes fitting kit.