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(31.75mm - 54mm) Collector Bends 1.2mm Wall 16° 304 Stainless Steel

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(31.75mm - 54mm) Collector Bends 1.2mm Wall 16° 304 Stainless Steel

Collectors are a speciality of Alunox. We manufacture them from individual tubes to enhance gas flow, aid in longevity and to allow for easy separation of the collectors from the main header or exhaust tubes. This aids in maintenance and also allows for accurate alignment on assembly of your complete exhaust system.

Our precision engineering, gas purged, TIG welded and jigged assembly, affords repeatability for each item should you require a second or a replacement.

Many manufacturers simply press collectors from large diameter tubing, this reduces costs but severely compromises efficiency by reducing optimum gas flow at the different RPM ranges that an individual engine requires to maintain full power. By aligning individual tubes, the power range of the engine can be optimised by the exhaust system.

Bends Only (Not Cut or Swaged).
Approx. Leg Lengths: 50mm Long x 70mm Long (Leg lengths do vary with different diameters of tube).